Downloader Cog Reference

class redbot.cogs.downloader.downloader.Downloader(bot)[source]

Bases: redbot.core.commands.commands.Cog

await cog_install_path()[source]

Get the current cog install path.

Returns:The default cog install path.
Return type:pathlib.Path

Determines the cog name that Downloader knows from the cog instance.


Parameters:instance (object) – The cog instance.
Returns:The name of the cog according to Downloader..
Return type:str
format_findcog_info(command_name, cog_installable=None)[source]

Format a cog’s info for output to discord.

  • command_name (str) – Name of the command which belongs to the cog.
  • cog_installable (Installable or object) – Can be an Installable instance or a Cog instance.

A formatted message for the user.

Return type:


await installed_cogs()[source]

Get info on installed cogs.

Returns:All installed cogs.
Return type:tuple of InstalledModule
await installed_libraries()[source]

Get info on installed shared libraries.

Returns:All installed shared libraries.
Return type:tuple of InstalledModule
await installed_modules()[source]

Get info on installed cogs and shared libraries.

Returns:All installed cogs and shared libraries.
Return type:tuple of InstalledModule
await is_installed(cog_name)[source]

Check to see if a cog has been installed through Downloader.

Parameters:cog_name (str) – The name of the cog to check for.
Returns:(True, InstalledModule) if the cog is installed, else (False, None).
Return type:tuple of (bool, InstalledModule)